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Jared offers two virtual 90 minute workshops, as well as a 2 hour in-person talk and work-shop aimed at helping agency and client teams get more effective.

From “You Get the Agency You Deserve” - Jared creates a 3 part work-shop that helps the client-side marketer get more out of their relationships with their agencies, often one of the larger expenses they oversee:

  1. How to give the most powerful feedback to your agency to get the best results in turn

  2. How to be the client everyone wants to create the best work for

  3. How to negotiate/craft the best SOW’s and MSAs, and handle sensitive pricing moments


From “The Great Client Partner” - Jared creates a 3 part workshop that helps the modern client-facing agency person develop his/her soft-skills in key areas including:

  1. Active Listening and the art of asking powerful questions

  2. How to harness what he calls Healthy Paranoia and learn how to use a tool call the pre-mortem

  3. How to get and give powerful feedback


It's an inspiring set of talks, but more importantly it's hand-on and engaging and focused on take home value.

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